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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. I'm a writer so what if I want to write my own chapter?

It is fine if you want to write the first draft and then our ghostwriter will discuss your first draft with you during your interview.

2.  Do I get any royalties from the sale of the book?

We have an Affiliate program so you will get credit for any books that are sold through your Affiliate ID on your web site or through your Social Media.  It's a very generous 40% Affiliate program, so you will receive $10 for every Multimedia book or $7 for each Print book sale referred through you.

Typical publisher royalties are $1 per book, so $1 split between over 30 co-authors is not very productive. Our model is much more lucrative for all parties involved.

3.  Where will the Multimedia book be marketed?

It can be marketed Online through email campaigns, web sites, Social Media, etc. by George, all the co-authors, and other Affiliate partners.  It has unlimited potential to reach anyone in the virtual world on an ongoing basis.

4.  I have never done Audios or Videos before so how will I do the Multimedia book?

Many people have not done Audios or Videos yet, so being in this program is an excellent opportunity for you to learn to do New Media, which is so critical in this day and age.  Our team will provide guidelines on how to do audios and videos.
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